Help fight Muscular Dystrophy

What is the "Day of the HOG"?
Quite early in the formation of the Elkhorn Valley H.O.G. Chapter, we decided that we wanted to do two things right away. First we wanted to get involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and establish our desire to support this charity in a big way. Secondly, we wanted to define for our chapter an annual event that every chapter member would want to participate in. So, our event had to be both worthwhile and fun. We expressed our intentions to our sponsoring dealer, Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson, and found that we shared common goals. They had began their 1st Annual July Heat. poker run in 2003 and wanted to establish an annual charity event for the Omaha area, similar to both Sioux City's Awesome Harley Nights and Sioux Falls Hot Harley Nights.

A phone call to our local MDA office and a committee meeting later, the Day of the HOG was born. Our 1st annual Day of the HOG was a resounding success with around 1400 in attendance. In 2005, the 2nd Annual event held in Waterloo, NE. attracted almost 2000 participants of which over 900 were bikers and raised $42,000 for MDA. With the succes of year two a tradition was born and planning is well under way for the 5th Annual Event!! So if youíre looking for the best poker-run of the year and an exceptional party to follow, you DONíT want to miss the 5th Annual Day of the HOG event!

So, what is the Day of the HOG and July Heat? Its the Elkhorn Valley H.O.G. Chapter, Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson dealership and MDA coming together to fight a terrible disease called Muscular Dystrophy. By putting together this event we are bringing people in our community together to combat this disease while having a tremendous amount fun doing it. We're anticipating another overwhelming success and would like to have you there to share it with us.

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